KSC/CCAFS GN2 Pipeline

The KSC/CCAFS GN2 pipeline originates just outside KSC Gate 2 on FL State Road 3 at the Air Liquide Large Industries (AL) nitrogen plant. The main supply line operates between 5400 psig and 6800 psig depending on range support requirements. AL creates GN2 from an air separation process to support day-to-day operations and supplements this with LN2 vaporization during high-flows such as Shuttle launch countdown. The pipelines are buried and supply meter stations at:

There are several locations on the system where KSC Rechargers can support day-to-day operations during local outages (for maintenance) or contingency support of the whole pipeline system in the unlikely event that the AL plant is temporarily shut down. A helium pipeline originates at the CCF and supplies LC37. There are over 50 miles of underground GN2 and GHE pipelines on KSC and CCAFS. The pipeline is protected from corrosion by a Cathodic Protection System whereby a low-voltage electrical current in impressed on the insulated buried piping and buried sacrificial zinc anodes are instead corroded. The AL plant provides on average about two billion standard cubic feet of nitrogen to KSC and CCAFS each year.