Generic Propellant Transfer Unit (GPTU)

GPTUs are multipurpose portable tanks. They are pressure loaded/offloaded using either helium or nitrogen as a pressurant gas. They can be used to directly load spacecraft when connected to a propellant control panel. GPTUs are made of 304L Stainless Steel and are insulated by virtue of there double-tank design (tank-in-a-tank like a cryogenic dewar). There are ten GPTUs and they are routinely available in MMH, MPH, HPH, and N2O4 low iron MON-3 service. GPTUs are available to commercial and DOD programs on a non-interference basis.

Equipment Generic Propellant Transfer Unit (GPTU)
Dimensions 7' 10-3/4" X 5'4" Diameter
Weight 5720 lb tare, 11770 lb w/N204, 9920 lb w/Hydrazine, 9370 lb w/MMH
Capacity 500 gallons with 10% ullage
Quantity 10 tanks
Connections Fill/Drain 1.5" KC male or reduced to 0.5" KC (typical)
Pressure/Vent 3/4" KC male or reduced to 0.5" KC (typical)
DOT Code DOT 51 portable tank with DOT-E-10887 for N2O4 service.
MOP 240 psig
Operating Pressure Full vacuum to 50 psig
PRV Setting 286 psig
Approved Fluids Hydrazine family fuels, N2O4, and related solutions. Helium or Nitrogen gas used for pressurant.
Other Features Lift with crane or forklift. Built-in load cell weighing system. Transport on special trailer. Separate work platform available.

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