DOT 110 Cylinder

The one-ton N2O4 cylinder is constructed from 304 SS and has built-in valves and a dip tubes for loading and off-loading by pressurant gas. These cylinders are "standard issue" containers for Defense Energy Supply Center (DESC) at the KSC-CCAFS Defense Fuels Supply Point (DFSP). N2O4 low-iron MON-10 is typically delivered in this type of cylinder. This type cylinder is also used to return Solution to the manufacturer for recycling.

The DESC DFSP can deliver all N2O4 grades in a DOT110 cylinder, however, the DOT4BW's are preferred due to their ease of operation for smaller delivery requirements (<1000 lbs).

Equipment One ton cylinder
Dimensions ~84" long x 30" diameter
Weight ~1,650 lb. tare, 3,650 lb. when full
DOT Code DOT-110A500W
MAWP 500 psig
Operating Pressure 0-50 psig
Capacity 165 gallons N2O4
Quantity 20 plus
Connections CGA 660 with adapter to 0.5" KC male
PRV Setting None
Approved Fluids N2O4 and its solutions (blends of N2O4 and nitric acid in water).
Other Features Built-in dip legs. Normally place cylinder on scale to determine content. Requires a custom cradle to ease handling.